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Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss 4th of July Events and Safety

by Keith Adkins | July 1st, 2015

This weekend, Nashville will play host to a number of events aimed at celebrating our nation’s independence. That’s why the Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law would like to let you know about some of the festivities, as well as what’s being done to keep revelers safe throughout the weekend.

The Music City Fourth of July celebration will kick off at 4 p.m. tomorrow, July 3, with a free concert featuring The Weeks, Gabe Dixon, and Elise Davis. Then, on July 4, another concert will take place where Martina McBride, Mikky Ekko, and the Nashville Symphony will perform.

The event will culminate with the largest fireworks display in the nation. More than 16,000 lbs. of explosives will be used to light up the night sky.

All of these events will attract hundreds of thousands of people to our city, which could result in heavy traffic and an increased risk of accidents. WKRN 2 News reports the Tennessee Highway Patrol will be working to keep all motorists safe during the holiday by increasing saturation patrols and conducting sobriety and seatbelt checkpoints.

The Nashville car accident attorneys at Ponce Law point out you can help keep yourself and other motorists safe by buckling up, slowing down, and driving defensively.

We hope this information helps you to have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Nashville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss How Geography Affects Treatment Options

by Keith Adkins | June 29th, 2015

Some of the most commonly reported on-the-job accidents are known to affect the back or spine. In fact, the Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers at Ponce Law point out that one out of every five injuries covered by workers’ compensation benefits is a back or spinal cord injury.

There are a number of treatment options available to back and spine injury victims, but research indicates the type of treatment often depends on what part of the country they live in.

A study conducted by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute examined individuals from 13 different states who had suffered back-related injuries while working. Researchers then examined the frequency of different treatment options utilized. The team determined the patient’s location significantly impacts the type of treatment they receive.

For example, nearly 20 percent of patients in Oklahoma and Tennessee underwent corrective surgery, while less than 10 percent of California and Florida back injury victims underwent corrective surgery. The team concluded surgery rates were higher in states like Tennessee and Oklahoma because there are more surgeons and higher surgical reimbursement rates.

If you’ve suffered a back injury while working, it’s important to know your rights. The team of Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law is here to help. Feel free to give us a call anytime at (888) 977-9912.

Risk of Tennessee Dog Bites Can Increase During Summer Months

by Keith Adkins | June 26th, 2015

While the summer weather may be drawing you outdoors, it’s important to remember that the risk of dog bites tends to increase this time of year.

Our Nashville dog bite lawyers say this danger was highlighted when a 73-year-old woman was bit by her neighbor’s dog earlier this month. Reports indicate the incident occurred on Wednesday, June 10, along Maryland Circle in Bradley County.

According to The Chattanoogan, the victim was walking along the road when the unrestrained animal charged and attacked. Emergency crews were called to the scene, and the victim received treatment before being taken to a local hospital for further examination.

The incident prompted local authorities to warn dog owners that if their animal causes bodily injury to another person, he or she will face felony criminal charges. County officials say they are still working to develop animal control services for the area

Owners of vicious dogs can also be held liable in court for civil damages, but proving a case can be a complex process. Having a Nashville personal injury lawyer by your side can help.

At Ponce Law, our legal staff has experience handling dog bite cases in Tennessee. We’re standing by to help if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite.

New Laws Stiffen Penalties for Uninsured Drivers in Tennessee

by Keith Adkins | June 24th, 2015

Having an insurance policy on your vehicle can be vital for paying expenses such as medical costs and property damage after an auto accident. However, Tennessee ranks sixth highest in the nation when it comes to the number of uninsured motorists on our roads. In fact, data shows more than 20 percent of Tennessee drivers don’t carry insurance on their vehicles.

Officials hope these numbers may soon decrease though. House Bill 606 will create more stringent punishments for uninsured motorists in Tennessee.

According to WKRN 2 News, the new regulation will allow officers to have a motorist’s vehicle towed from the scene of a stop if proof of insurance cannot be provided. Furthermore, the law raises the fine for driving without insurance from $100 to $300. These new rules will take effect on July 1.

Officials are also working to implement a new database that will allow officers to simply plug in a vehicle’s VIN number to determine if it’s insured or not. This new system is expected to be in place by 2016.

Protecting the health and safety of travelers on Tennessee’s roads is a priority to the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law. That’s why we are hopeful the new laws will help encourage motorists to obey the law and get insured.

Judges Call for Stricter Drunk Driving Regulations in Sullivan County

by Keith Adkins | June 22nd, 2015

Tennessee is known for having some of the most stringent drunk driving laws in the United States today. Legislators passed a law in 2013 that requires all DUI offenders to have ignition interlock systems installed on their vehicles. Furthermore, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies routinely conduct no refusal campaigns. This is when a judge or magistrate is on hand 24 hours a day to sign warrants for blood and breath samples from suspected DUI offenders.

Despite these laws, Tennessee drunk driving accidents continue to happen. Last year alone, drunk driving fatalities accounted for almost 30 percent of all traffic-related deaths. This is why some state lawmakers are looking to make drunk driving regulations even tougher.

For the last 20 years, officers, troopers, and deputies have signed a sworn affidavit stating the reason for any arrest. Now though, judges say this process doesn’t adhere to the law and could result in a failed conviction of a DUI offender. According to an article from the Insurance Journal, judges in Sullivan County are calling for magistrates to be on call at all hours of the day or night to give approval for late-night DUI arrests.

Our Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law recognize the importance of holding drunk drivers accountable for their actions. That’s why we are hopeful the changes that have been requested by the judges are adopted sooner, rather than later.

Tennessee Law Enforcement Focuses on Reducing Distracted Driving Accidents

by Keith Adkins | June 19th, 2015

Distracted driving has never been more of a problem in Tennessee than it currently is. In fact, last year saw the highest number of distracted driving accidents on record in our state with an estimated 21,000 crashes. Those collisions accounted for 48 fatalities and another 8,000 motorists suffering serious injuries.

Our Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law say the Tennessee Highway Patrol is working to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents in our state. They are hoping to achieve this through strict enforcement of the law.

The law prohibits drivers in our state from using an electronic device to send or read text messages and it’s an infraction troopers are targeting. According to an article from WBIR News, Knoxville specifically has seen a steady increase over the years in the number of citations issued for distracted driving infractions. Other areas can expect to see more law enforcement officials issuing more tickets as well.

The punishment for an infraction isn’t lenient and could get even more stringent. Current regulations make distracted driving punishable by a $50 fine, but lawmakers are pushing to have the fine raised to $250.

Our legal staff at Ponce Law encourages you to help reduce distracted driving. That’s why our Nashville personal injury lawyers are asking you to do your part to keep our roadways safe by eliminating items and activities that can take your eyes and attention off the road, including:

  • Cellphone Use- Put your phone down when driving and don’t pick it up until you reach your destination.
  • Food and Drink- Avoid eating food or sipping beverages while behind the wheel.
  • Radios- Adjust your stereo settings, pick out a CD, or select a playlist prior to getting on the road.
  • Other Passengers- Refrain from paying attention to others in the vehicle while driving.

Doctors Urge Drivers to Keep Safety a Priority This Summer

by Keith Adkins | June 17th, 2015

School’s out in Middle Tennessee, and kids and teenagers are out and about in the summer heat. What many residents of our area don’t realize is that this time of year is notorious for an increase in the number of children struck by motor vehicles. The Nashville car accident attorneys at Ponce Law point out that this year is no different.

Doctors at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt explain that last summer, 31 kids were treated for motor vehicle accident injuries. Several children this year as well, which prompted their concern.

According to an article from WKRN 2 News, a majority of these accidents tend to occur when children run into the street or when unsuspecting motorists are backing out of a driveway.

To help prevent these accidents, never allow children to cross the street alone. Also, parents should also teach older children how to safely cross the street by making eye contact with drivers and waiting for vehicles to come to a complete stop before walking into a roadway.

At Ponce Law, we recognize the fact that accidents may still happen, even when safety is a priority. That’s why our attorneys would like to offer a few tips on what to do after an auto accident occurs.

Nashville Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers Talk About Diving Risks

by Keith Adkins | June 15th, 2015

Swimming Pool Dangers

It’s been especially hot in Middle Tennessee over the past several days. With the mercury rising, many residents are looking for relief from the heat by the pool. The Nashville swimming pool accident lawyers at Ponce Law explain it’s important to keep safety in mind by the swimming pool. That’s why we’d like to make you aware of some of one of the greatest risks you will face near a swimming pool—diving accidents.

Diving Accidents

Going into the water headfirst can be a hazard if you don’t know the water’s depth. Almost 60 percent of swimming pool diving accidents occur in less than four feet of water. Around 17 percent of diving accidents are the result of attempting to do difficult tricks. Surprisingly, diving boards are very rarely a contributing factor to diving accidents, considering less than ten percent of diving injuries or fatalities involve a diving board.

To bring into perspective just how common diving accidents are, Smokey Barn News reports that an Orlinda, Tennessee, man was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after being involved in a diving accident at a Robertson County pool yesterday.

Stay Safe

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law encourage you to never swim alone or run near the pool. Also, remember not to dive into the water unless you know it’s at least 12 feet deep.

Allegations of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Arise at Donelson Facility

by Keith Adkins | June 12th, 2015

Tennessee law requires nursing homes and long-term care facilities to meet certain health and safety standards. The Nashville nursing home abuse lawyers at Ponce Law explain that, unfortunately, not all facilities meet these standards of care.

A nursing home just outside of Nashville is a prime example of a facility that failed to protect patients from harm. According to The Tennessean, the Donelson Place Care and Rehabilitation Center has been under scrutiny by officials since Dec. 2014, but official charges were levied against the facility in May 2015.

Investigators found that the facility repeatedly put patient safety at risk by failing to meet standards of administration, nursing care, social services, and resident right protection. In one case in particular, staff failed to follow doctor’s orders to provide a patient with a device that provided assistance breathing. As a result, the patient was hospitalized and required a tube to be placed in their trachea.

As a result of these findings, the nursing home is prohibited from admitting new residents and will be fined $3,000. Investigators will also monitor the facility for 20 hours per week.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law believe in protecting the health, safety, and rights of nursing home patients. That’s why we applaud the state for holding long-term care facilities responsible for their negligence.

Some Tennesseans Calling for More Stringent Dog Bite Laws

by Keith Adkins | June 10th, 2015

It’s estimated that as many as 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Research shows that a majority of victims are children. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a dog has bitten half of all children under age 12.

Despite these numbers, there are very few protections for dog bite injury victims—especially in Tennessee. Tennessee dog bite laws only allow a dog owner to be held liable for damages his or her animal causes if the victim can prove the animal has displayed vicious behavior in the past or the attack happened while the dog was loose on public property.

One woman is calling on lawmakers to create more stringent Tennessee dog bite laws after her child was attacked on two separate occasions. An article from WSMV 4 News explains that the Williamson County woman was visiting family with her 4-year-old daughter when a family member’s canine lunged at the child and bit her cheek. Just months before, a similar incident occurred with a dog owned by the same family member.

The child has now endured hundreds of stitches resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills that the dog owner cannot be held liable for. Since the dogs were in their home and neither had a history of attacking, the owner is not responsible for damages.

Cases like this not only show the need for stricter laws, but also for the public to be more aware of the dangers approaching a strange dog can pose. That’s why the Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law encourage you to never attempt to pet a dog without asking the owner’s permission first. Also, it can help to educate yourself and your children about the warning signs an aggressive dog may display prior to biting.