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Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Offer Driving Tips for Country Music Marathon Traffic

by Keith Adkins | April 24th, 2015

This weekend, thousands of people will descend upon downtown Nashville to participate in the 2015 Country Music Marathon. The event is a wonderful time for both participants and spectators, but it can also require some careful planning when trying to navigate through the city. That’s why the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law would like to offer a few tips to make your commute as easy as possible:

  • Know The Route- Races will begin on Saturday, April 25, at 6:45 a.m. along Lower Broadway downtown. Participants will then travel a loop around the west and north ends of town before working their way to the east side of town. A route map gives a more detailed view of areas where you can expect traffic delays.
  • Expect Delays- The race route covers many of the main routes around town and racers will be spread over the course for hours, so there is a high probability you will run into traffic tomorrow. Allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. You can also attempt to map a route before leaving to get around heavy traffic.
  • Drive Defensively- There will be many people on the road this weekend—including fatigued runners. These individuals may be unaware of traffic patterns and laws, so allow other vehicles extra space and always yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Consider Alternate Forms of Transportation- It may simply be easier to get where you’re going by walking, riding a bike, or using another form of transportation.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law hope these tips help you get around town safely this weekend.

Nashville Wrongful Death Attorneys Discuss Naming Parties in Lawsuits

by Keith Adkins | April 22nd, 2015

Carelessness and negligence contribute to the deaths of numerous Tennesseans each year, and it’s crucial that the families of victims know they have a right to seek compensation for their losses.

The Nashville wrongful death attorneys at Ponce Law explain that one of the most important aspects of filing wrongful death actions is naming everyone who may be responsible for a victim’s death. Doing so helps reduce the chances of a defendant arguing another person or entity was actually responsible for the death. It can also help the family of the victim receive the maximum compensation.

Take the case of a Nashville family that filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a local high school, a student, and the student’s parents, in connection with the suicide of their son. The family claims the student repeatedly bullied their son to the point he went home from school one afternoon and took his own life. Their suit goes on to allege that the teen may still be alive if it wasn’t for the students repeated taunting. Furthermore, reports from WSMV 4 News say the suit goes on to claim that the high school failed to follow their own policies and parents did not take action to control their son’s behavior.

The family is seeking damages to cover legal fees and other expenses.

At Ponce Law, we believe in holding individuals responsible for their actions, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers hope a decision in this case will help bring closure and peace to the family of the victim.

“Thumbs Down” Campaign Aims to Reduce Nashville Distracted Driving Accidents

by Keith Adkins | April 20th, 2015

Distracted driving was to blame for more than 21,000 motor vehicle crashes in Tennessee last year. Furthermore, there have been 10,000 car accidents involving a distracted driver in Davidson County since 2010.

To help combat distracted driving in our area, the Nashville car accident attorneys with Ponce Law point out that several educational campaigns are taking place to make motorists more aware of the risks. One of those programs is “Thumbs Down” to texting and driving.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office is sponsoring the program. According to an article from WKRN 2 News, anyone who is interested in participating can go to the downtown Highway Safety Office to receive a free “Thumbs Down” to texting and driving sticker after signing a pledge promising not to drive while distracted.

The aim of the program is to get as many citizens as possible to stop texting and driving, which can help promote others to do the same while driving.

At Ponce Law, we’ve seen the devastating results that distracted driving can have on accident victims, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers are hopeful that this new campaign will be successful in keeping inattentive motorists off the road.

Nursing Home Abuse May Come at the Hands of Those You Least Expect

by Keith Adkins | April 17th, 2015

Nursing home abuse is a major concern for many Tennesseans with loved ones living in long-term care facilities. Some studies show as many as 33 percent of all individuals over age 65 will be the victims of abuse or neglect, and other reports state as few as one in 23 cases of nursing home abuse are reported.

One of the most disturbing statistics out there is that a majority of nursing home abuse cases involve a person who isn’t a caregiver. This means the person doing the harm is a family member, another resident, or an acquaintance.

WSMV 4 News recently reported on the case of an 82-year-old Korean War veteran who was seriously injured after being attacked by a roommate at a nursing home in Putnam County. A nurse at Signature Healthcare Nursing Home heard a commotion in the victim’s room and entered to find the victim’s roommate repeatedly hitting him in the face with a glass soda bottle. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a broken nose and cheekbone, as well as serious bruising.

The family of the victim says they were informed that the new roommate could have violent outbursts, but were assured their loved one would be safe from harm.

If your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, you have legal rights. At Ponce Law, our Nashville personal injury lawyers are always standing by to speak with you about any questions you may have regarding your loved one’s care. Feel free to call us anytime at (888) 977-9912 to discuss your case.

Lawmakers Hope New Rules Will Reduce Accidents on “The Dragon”

by Keith Adkins | April 15th, 2015

“The Dragon’s Tail” is an 11.2-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 129 that runs along the Tennessee border. The road is popular with motorcyclists due to the 318 curves packed into the short stretch, but the highway is also used as a shortcut by some commercial tractor-trailers moving loads over the mountains.

Unfortunately, the roadway has become notorious for accidents both types of vehicles. In fact, a report from Tennessee Department of Transportation shows “The Dragon” has been the site of at least 204 accidents from 2010-12. Because of the road’s location, accidents can take hours to clear, causing major traffic delays.

To help prevent factors that cause Tennessee truck accidents and motorcycle crashes along “The Dragon”, several new laws were implemented. The regulations include lower speed limits, as well as reduced length and weight limits for commercial big rigs.

According to The Daily Times, speed limits along stretches of the road have been dropped to as low as 40 miles per hour. Also, trucks hauling trailers longer than 30 feet are no longer allowed on the highway.

Keeping our roads and highways safe is an important mission of the Nashville personal injury attorneys at Ponce Law, and we applaud the state for making safety improvements to one of our most dangerous roadways.

Nashville Dog Bite Lawyers Discuss the Dangers Posed by Canine Attacks

by Keith Adkins | April 13th, 2015

In 2007, a bill was passed into law in Tennessee that established strict liability for owners of canines that bite people. The Nashville dog bite lawyers with Ponce Law explain a dogs owner must have his or her animal under reasonable control at all times and ensure the dog is not running at large.

Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to abide by these rules. Take the case of a woman who was left seriously injured after an attack in South Nashville late last week.

According to WSMV 4 News, the incident occurred on April 11 along Lewis Street. The victim was walking outside when she was attacked by a pack of dogs. She was left in critical condition and continues to recover from her injuries.

The incident leaves many citizens with some pressing questions about common dog bite injuries and what steps dog bite victims should take after an attack.

At Ponce Law, we have experience helping dog bite victims, and some of the most common injuries we’ve seen include:

  • Lacerations- The teeth and claws of a canine can easily tear through flesh and muscle. These injuries can result in the need for corrective surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Post Traumatic Stress- Some of the most damaging injuries sustained in a dog attack can go unseen. The emotional damage that a dog bite can inflict can cause more harm than some physical injuries.
  • Infection- Dog bites are capable of transmitting numerous diseases and bacteria. Perhaps one of the most concerning infections one can receive is rabies.

If you were bitten by a dog, you may want to consider taking these steps. We hope this information helps to keep you and your loved ones safe around dogs.

The Role Language and Education Play in Social Security Disability Eligibility

by Keith Adkins | April 10th, 2015

Can the inability to speak and write in English qualify individuals for Social Security Disability benefits? Under the law and many recent rulings by the Social Security Administration (SSA), the answer may be yes.

According to an article released by The Washington Free Beacon, the SSA has approved the Social Security Disability applications of hundreds of Puerto Ricans after they claimed they were unable to work because they did not know how to speak English. Under current law, benefits must be awarded to United States citizens who are working within the country and are considered illiterate or cannot speak English.

There are no exceptions to the rule, which led to the approval of 218 claims between 2011-13 by Puerto Ricans who couldn’t speak English, despite Spanish being the native tongue of the region.

The SSA is currently considering making changes to these rules that would prevent Spanish-speaking citizens to receive benefits strictly because they cannot speak English. Until then, the agency has vowed to review the appropriateness of the cases that were approved.

At Ponce Law, we recognize just how complicated the laws surrounding Social Security Disability benefits can be, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers encourage anyone applying for benefits or appealing a denial to speak with a legal professional.

Nashville Car Accident Underscores the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

by Keith Adkins | April 8th, 2015

As the days are becoming longer, many Middle Tennesseans may find they are becoming tired or fatigued in the early morning hours or late afternoon. Unfortunately, this drowsiness can present a very serious danger while driving.

The Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law point out these risks were made apparent by a crash caused by a drowsy driver on the south side of town. Reports indicate the collision left two people—including a young child—seriously injured.

According to WSMV 4 News, the driver of a black sedan told officers he was traveling along Bell Road after working a night shift and fell asleep behind the wheel. The vehicle then drifted into the oncoming lane, where it struck two other vehicles before coming to rest. A passenger in the black sedan and a 3-year-old occupant of one of the other vehicles involved were both injured and treated at a local hospital.

The incident highlights the need for motorists to take action to prevent drowsy driving. Some steps you can take include:

  • Getting enough rest prior to beginning your trip.
  • Checking medications to make sure they don’t cause drowsiness.
  • Refraining from drinking and driving.
  • Taking regular rest stops.
  • Pulling over to rest if you find yourself becoming tired at the wheel.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law hope these tips help keep you safe on the road this Spring.

Charity of the Month: Thistle Farms

by Keith Adkins | April 6th, 2015

Sex trafficking, prostitution, drug addictions, and homelessness are four major problems that Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee are facing today. Data from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows that each year, thousands of women fall into life on the streets as a result of these issues.

Luckily, there are organizations out there that work to give these women their lives back, and the Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law are proud to be sponsoring one of these groups as our April Charity of the Month.

Thistle Farms is dedicated to providing jobs and business opportunities for many of the women who make their way into the community of Magdalene. Magdalene offers two years of housing, food, medical care, therapy, education, and job training for women in need. Thistle Farms raises money to support these programs by selling products manufactured and packaged by women from Magdalene.

Thistle Farms products can be found at hundreds of retail outlets around Nashville, but we have another way you can support this wonderful organization financially. Simply visit our Facebook page and click on the “Like” button. For each new “Like” we receive during the month of April, we will donate $1 to Thistle Farms.

We hope you’ll do your part to help support Thistle Farms!

Ruling States Tennessee Undocumented Workers Have Equal Rights to Workers’ Compensation

by Keith Adkins | April 1st, 2015

When most Tennessee residents are injured on the job, they have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. But do undocumented workers have equal rights to workers’ compensation benefits after work injuries?

The Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys at Ponce Law explain that a recent court ruling states the answer to that question is yes—undocumented workers have rights to the same scale of work comp benefits as documented workers.

Reports indicate a Davidson County Chancery Court judge issued the ruling earlier this week after hearing the case of Carlos Martinez, a 39-year-old undocumented worker from Guatemala. The man was using a lawnmower when he slipped and fell. He was then struck by the machine’s blades and suffered serious injuries to his arms. Brian Dunigan, a senior attorney at Ponce Law, represented Mr. Martinez on the case.

Due to the victim’s status as an undocumented worker, The Tennessean explains that he was facing a cap on the amount of workers’ compensation benefits he could receive for his injuries. But Chancellor Russell T. Perkins ruled the law unconstitutional because it attempted to preempt federal immigration law.

“This was one of our major driving points in bringing this case, was test that statute,” stated Mr. Dunigan. “These folks come here to work, and it just winds up being a very unfair situation.”

As a result of the ruling, Martinez was awarded about $30,000 in wage loss damages.

A spokesman for the Tennessee Attorney General’s office stated that the office was reviewing the outcome of the case and what their next steps may be.

At Ponce Law, we believe every worker deserves fair treatment and compensation after a work injury, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers are pleased with the results of this recent ruling.